Friday, September 17, 2010

Week in Review #4

I'll go by subjects this time, rather than days.  If I went by days, you would probably hear more about my frustrations than anything. ;) It's all good, really.  I'm sure I'll have many more of "those days". 

Reading - We are almost to lesson 5 (each lesson has 15-20 pages).  Our current lesson teaches sounding out "th", which makes Hannah stick half her tongue out. Kinda funny. All is going well.  While going through a page, Hannah will stop in the middle of it, turn to me with a big grin and say "I can read!" Love it!

Language - Most of the lessons are repeating what we learn in Reading, which is fine.  At this age, you can never review too much.  I enjoy the narration (looking at a picture and making up a story as to what's going on) and poetry appreciation.  It's just for Hannah to express her thoughts...I just wish there was more of that. I guess I could create the "more of that" myself.

Math - Ordinal numbers has finally clicked with her! I am so glad! Hannah is also learning addition and doing very well, so much so she can do her addition problems without me constantly hanging over her shoulder.  I guess I don't have to anyway. She does the 5 problems and I look over them and have her correct any that are wrong. Simple.

Art - No solid curriculum here.  Whenever we go to the library to get another big load of a books, Hannah picks out a drawing book showing simple steps of drawing animals, insects, or whatever.  I think she's drawing lizards right now. :) I already had a folder full of drawing and painting both girls have done since we started school.

Bible - We talked about Samuel a few times this week and Hannah remembered who his mother was right away (the answer is right in front of you ;D).  I was quite impressed since it was at least a week ago that I mentioned Hannah was his mother. The book we are using is God and Me, which is wonderful and beyond perfect for her age.  I actually bought it when she was a year old because I knew I would use it eventually. I was in Book A Million the other day and they have gobs of them on the shelf.  I even saw it at the library. 

Handwriting - She writes all her letters very well so far. We are still on lowercase letters. She will sometimes write 'd' and 'b' backwards, but I guess that's to be expected.

Developing the Early Learner - Four workbooks are in this package and this week we are finishing up the first one.  I am starting to notice the work getting slightly more difficult, which is fine. Hannah really enjoys it. She likes the memory part, where I set out 4 items and she covers her eyes, I take an item away and then she tries to guess which one is missing.  She's aced every one of those. One part she has trouble with is sequence, like what came first...the cow or the steak, the trees or pile of chopped wood.  We talked through it today, but I wasn't sure if I was feeding her the answers or not. :/ I tried not to. I just asked her what the pictures were and what came first. Hm.

Geography - We touched a little more on North America.  I read to Hannah about Canada and the United States from her atlas while she colored Canadian and American flags. The next continent we will be learning about is South America, which we will probably do the week after next.  We've slacked off a little bit on her workbook, but I'm hoping we will work in it more often than once or twice a week.

Science - We did out second experiment this week--creating a homemade weather station which measures air pressure (more or less a barometer).  I think we did it right. :-p Hannah likes to check it every day and inform me if the air pressure is high or low. She was intrigued when I told her that it was a good indicator as to weather or not it will rain.

Extras - We went to the library twice this week.  Once was just to play and the second time was for the homeschool story time which include at least two stories and a craft.  The whole thing lasts about an hour. I am very excited this is every week. Autumn was particularly behaved but I blame myself for not having the stroller and she did not sit very still, so Thursdays will be special Autumn and Daddy time. :) There is a program for toddlers at the library every Tuesday called Busy Bees, so Autumn will not be left out of the library program loop.

This morning an unexpected field trip came up.  My mom is only going to work for a few hours today so she asked if Hannah could go with her.  She works at the Nashville Bar Association. Hannah was beyond excited.  My mom just sent me a comment on Facebook only a few minutes ago and said that on the way to Nashville they talked about Johnny Cash being in Heaven and that Jesus loves everyone even if they don't love him.  Yes, very educational. :D

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