Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It was bound to having a child who is left-handed.  I believe I have that in Autumn who eats and colors with her left hand. :-D Other lefties in our family include me, my sister (the girls' "Moo Moo"), and my grandma.  When she is officially home-schooling in a few years I can see it already--the constant painting of pencil lead covering the side of her hand from dragging it across the paper as she writes.  People being astounded by how your hand looks when you write.  Always being asked if anyone else in your family is left-handed.  To which I say "Yeah! Is anyone else in your family annoying? Because you really take the cake!" LOL Okay, so I've never said that but I did think it was a silly thing to ask. It simply means Autumn maybe be smarter than most. ;)

Not to say anything against her "righty" sister.  Hannah is super smart and it is beyond a pleasure to homeschool. :) And it may be another explanation as to why the girls are so different.  Even though Autumn is 2 years old, are still floored by how different our girls are.  Several times we've said, "Whoa, Hannah never did/said that!" But I can safely say that both my kids are super smart and super awesome in their own ways. :)

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