Monday, September 13, 2010

More Changes

She wasn't asleep...I think I just caught her blinking
My kids' shifts from baby and toddlerhood to being actual people (ha!) seem to happen in the blink of an eye.  I was telling Ryan the other day how toddler beds at Walmart are only $57, which was what I wanted to get for Autumn for her 2nd birthday (Saturday!) along with a cute toddler bedding set.  Ryan practically bounds to his feet and says he has the greatest idea that will save us that $57 and also help Autumn in the transition.  He simply took the side off Autumn's crib, automatically turning it into a "big girl bed".  I have to say that was an ingenius idea since Autumn is already used to sleeping there, and it will be an easy transition in another year or so when we get Autumn her own twin bed.  Hannah was about 3 and a half when she went from a toddler bed to a twin.

Ryan's other idea did not work out so well, while it was a good one...just something the kids weren't ready for.  After our lease is up in December we are more than likely going to move to a smaller place to save money (more on that later), so the kids will probably end up sharing a room.  We wanted to test that idea.  Both kids were excited at first, but then Hannah fell asleep and Autumn still wanted to party.  She kept getting into Hannah's bed, and I heard on the baby monitor "Autumn, stop bothering me!"  So upstairs I would go (Ryan was lucky...he was at work :p), and I put Autumn back in her own bed.  By the time 11 PM rolled around we put Autumn back in her own room.  All has been well since...Autumn sleeps just fine and even if she did get out of bed there's nothing within her reach that poses any safety issues.  I'm sure once Autumn gets used to her "new bed" sharing a room won't be a problem.

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