Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review #5

This is how the girls help with baking ;)
Math - Hannah is started to grasp counting by tens and the very beginning of counting money.  Just one of those things we had to keep at until it clicked, I guess.  When we were all in the car the other day (this is when it becomes SUV-schooling) and Ryan just blurts out, "Hannah, how many cents does two dimes make?" and so on and so forth.  Lots of addition this week also. 
Early Learner - We started the second of four workbooks.  I graded Hannah's first workbook.  In the back of each one they have a chart and instructions on how to grade.  On each page Hannah has to have correctly completed 75-80%.  Overall she did very well, and I felt very confident she was ready to move on to the next book.  The one thing she does need to work on is sequence, which I mentioned last week.  Over all Hannah looooooves these workbooks.  I usually have her do 2-3 pages a day and on Thursday she did 7! When I have her choose a subject she picks the Early Learner. :)

Reading - More words and longer sentences. It's bound to happen. :) Back in the second week of school I had a great idea to make flash cards of all the words she's learning (or as many as I can do since with each lesson there are more words).  I put the cards on the laundry room doors so she will see them every day.  (If I'm ever repititive about various areas of our homeschool please excuse me) After a while I take down the cards so I can replace them with new ones.  I use the cards I've taken down as review and for spelling tests.  Each spelling test was five words, but I moved up to ten words since the five didn't seem much to her.  I'm hoping to hold on to the cards for when Autumn starts school. 

Language - We did a whole 2 lessons this week.  We talked about a painting of King Henry of England.  The lesson just asked Hannah to talk about it and what she observed.  She said she thought he was dressed like a ballerina which made me seriously LOL. Even though we only did 2 lessons this week we are ahead in the workbook so all is good.

Science - We were thrilled to learn this week that the owner of our house finally paid to put in a paved driveway.  My mom suggested that it would make a great experiment in showing Hannah what happens when you write in cement and then it dries.  I figured the owner would not appreciate it that.  Otherwise, we kinda slacked here as well.  Yeah, no, we're not slacking off on school.  Science is one of those bi-weekly things that is easily overlooked as opposed to something we do every single day.

Geography - We learned about map symbols and what they do, and there was a page where Hannah got to draw her own map symbols.  Maybe soon we can drop her in the middle of the jungle and she can find her way out. ;)

Handwriting - I have noticed a distinct improvement in her penmanship.  She's taking her time and her writing is a lot neater and I haven't seen her write any letters backwards in quite a while.  She had a spelling test on Monday and she missed a word because she got the 'e' sound (as in 'met') and the 'i' sound (as in 'sit') mixed up. Understandable. 

Art - Hannah got a new drawing book at the library and she didn't even bother hiding her excitement, so much so the lady behind the desk couldn't help but smile back at her.  The book she got this week was drawing pets, like cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. I really, really need to get her a sketch pad so I don't have all these stray papers floating about.

Extras - More library trips. :-D I went to my limit of check outs on my card, so I swiped Ryan's.  Kinda of like exceeding your limit on a credit card, but in this case it's actually a good thing.  As you can see by my previous post, we had ourselves a field trip.  I am pleasantly surprised to see that there was not one day this week where we were at home all day.  Even if it was just errands, we got out of the house.  Pretty cool.  

Tonight Hannah is going to spend the night at her Papaw's (my dad) house.  My dad was visiting my grandparents in CA for two weeks so it's been a while since Hannah has stayed over there.  It's been a few weeks since Hannah's stayed the night with any of her grandparents come to think of it.  Autumn didn't take a nap today so she went to bed early, Ryan is at work, so it's just been me this evening.  Very nice.  Even though we are "homebodies" I welcome Friday as much as anyone else. :)

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