Saturday, September 18, 2010

Being Two Will Be Au-some!

I made the butterflies with mini pretzels, gummy
worms and cut up twizzlers.
At 7:58 AM today Autumn turned 2 years old! :D Can't believe she's already 2...even though she's already showing symptoms of being a stereotypical terrible two-er. :) That aside, she is truly a delight and could not have been a more perfect fit into our little family. She certainly has a devious side (just asked her Grendy! ;D). 

We celebrated Autumn's birthday with a party with family. She got some cute pjs, a huge multipack of Play-Doh (thank Papaw!), and various toys.  My mom got her some "big girl panties" which I suppose means we need to start potty training sometime soon. She has started showing interest in the potty anyway.  A classic sign of being ready to potty train, according to the experts. :) The other day Autumn decided one of her bears needed to go potty so she dunked it in the toilet.  Into the washer it went.  Either later that day or the day after that, she decided her monkey wanted some coffee and dunked its head into her daddy's mug.  It quickly joined the bear in the washer.  This is a great example of that devious side I previously made mention of.

Now enjoy a photo chronology for a few seconds:

The day she came home from the hospital

First birthday

Last weekend at her cousin, Emma's, birthday
 Speaking of Emma's birthday, last weekend we had two birthday parties to attend.  Autumn is part of a group known of the "Girls of September".  Emma's birthday is Sept. 3 and my mom's BFF's granddaughter, Marianne's, birthday is September 8. 

The theme might be obvious :)

Marianne's party was a princess theme!
 Last year the four of us drove up from GA for one big party for the three of them.  Of course we're not going to do that every year since the girls are individuals with their own interests and so forth, even though that might make things a bit easier. :-p Needless to say I think we are all officially partied out!

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