Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend my oldest friend, Jamie, her husband Shaun, and three boys came to visit us! They said they were antsy to get out of town and decided to TN! :D Jamie and I have known each other since we were 2 years old.  We were in the same class K-2nd grade.  Both our dads were in the Navy and after 2nd grade her dad was discharged and they moved to Indiana.  We kept in touch all these years with the occasional summer visit. :) Now we were old married women with crazy offspring of our own--five all together.  What's funny is she has all boys and I have all girls.  The kids all got along very well and probably would have played outside all night long if we let them. :) Before they went back home, we made the trip to the Nashville Zoo.  All kids love the zoo, of course, and I haven't been there in years. Here are some more pictures from the afternoon:

Could they look any more alike? ;)

Griffin and Autumn enjoying the ride

Wow, four kids 6 and under willing to sit and take a picture!

Why are the animals always so far away? :/

On the homeschool front, Hannah and I did our first GeoPuzzle which was of North America.  Almost 70 pieces, felt like a lot more. :P It was a lot of fun though, pointing out different states we've lived in and where we were all born.  I never thought about it before, but the four of us were all born in different states (Me - California, Ryan - Oregon, Hannah - Tennessee, Autumn - Kansas).  Pretty cool.  When we went to the library last week I picked up some kids' books about Canada.  I'm going to look into doing some type of craft even if I just have her make US and Canada flags. Super easy! ;)

Even though today was Labor Day and most everyone has the day off from school and work, we still "labored" away at school work.  Don't look at me--Hannah is the one who asks to do school work! :) We did our first science experiment today which talked about germination.  We watered some cress seeds and will watch as they sprout over the next few days, so everyone hold onto your hats! It's going to be a wild scientific adventure! :D

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