Monday, August 30, 2010

It's All Good in the 'Hood

After our whopping 10-minute hail storm we had some months back, Ryan got offered a job with the company that fixed our roof.  Over the past few months, we have decided that the roofing gig was like beating a dead horse.  He got a few jobs, but we are all about a more reliable source of income. :) Seriously, these roofing companies are like roaches (lots aren't even local...they set up shop where there has been storm damage..pretty crazy) and a lot of homes with damaged roofs were snapped up pretty quick.  Anyway, while Ryan was a seasoned soldier he also become a seasoned pizza man. ;) It was always nice to have some loose cash on hand, so he's taken on a job with Domino's and is working his delivery magic.  He's currently in the application process with the Davidson County Sheriff's office (just recently passed the PT test and interview!), so while we are waiting on that we will just truck right along as usual.

On the homeschool front, Hannah and I read about North America and did the coordinating GeoPuzzle.  I feel like we should do a small unit about North America.  I mentioned what states we were all born and where we used to live, but I don't know anything about Canada.  I guess we'll look and see what we can find at the library tomorrow. :D Maybe I'll teach Hannah to sing "Oh Canada" and the "Star-Spangled Banner" Fun, fun stuff.

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