Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tentative Schedule

I've been a homeschooling mom for a whole three days, but I like to think we are developing somewhat of a schedule (which will undoubtedly change over the next several weeks).  Here is a sample of our ever evolving routine:

5 AM - My alarm goes off.  All this week I have yet to actually get out of bed at this time, but I usually don't fall asleep until 11 PM. I just can't seem to make myself go to bed early. The reason I have my alarm set at this time is so I can get up, having some coffee, read my Bible, and get my mind and heart set for the day.

6 AM - I finally drag myself out of bed and have coffee and a quiet time. Just in the the nick of time, too, since Hannah is an early bird as well.

6:20ish - Hannah wakes up and comes downstairs, her hair looking ratted as it does every morning.  She goes to bed between 7 and 7:30, so I can't expect her to sleep much later than this. :p

9 AM - We start our school work.  Ryan is usually still home at this time, so he can entertain Autumn while I impart wisdom onto our eldest.  We start the day with the subjects that take the shortest amount of time such as language, thinking skills, and geography (since we don't have to do each subject every day this does not take much time)

9:30 - We are done with the first part of school work.  Ryan leaves for work by this time, so it's just me and the kids.  Hannah will either want to watch cartoons or draw/paint.  I try to keep Autumn involved and occupied by having her play with Play Doh or scribbling with crayons. This morning Hannah wanted to paint, so I told her to paint a picture of her going to "big church" since she started going to service with me and Ryan this past Sunday.  She painted the four of us in our Durange driving to church. :)

11 AM - Lunch.  The girls have been kind of finicky lately, so this generally doesn't take long.

Noon - Autumn goes down for nap, so Hannah and I tackle the rest of her subjects for the day (Reading, Handwriting, and Math, depending on what the day is calling for).  The one subject that requires absolute undivided attention is Reading, which is going very well so far.  We only have to do a couple pages of the workbook a day.  She can read the words "cat" and "sat" now. It's very exciting.  "I can read!" she said. My daughter is learning how to just thrills my soul! :) Can't wait to start breaking out the Beverly Clearys and Judy Blumes!

1 PM - Hannah goes to her room for quiet time where she has to sit on her bed for an hour and play with something quietly.  She prefers Littlest Pet Shops or reading stories to her bears. Once or twice a week she will take an actual nap.

2 PM - Hannah and Autumn are up and raring to go.  From there we will run any errands that need to be done, make a trip to the library, or visit my grandma.  Sometimes we might just stay home (especially these days when we're under a heat advisory).

5 PM - Dinner then bath.

7 PM - We start bedtime routines (teeth brushing, stories).  We're probably going to move this up since we don't have to get up around super early to make it to school (which I am LOVING!).

There's our day! Last night we started going to Wed. night church again.  Hannah went to TeamKid and loved it! Autumn didn't go with us because she was congested and sounding a bit croupy, so she hung out with her Grendy.  I went to the homeschool group which was really great.  There were a couple of "veteran" homeschoolers, I guess you could say, and we all just talked about the positive aspects of homeschooling which I found to be very encouraging.  I feel so blessed to be doing this and can't believe I was resistant to the Lord's calling at first.  I'm hoping on Friday we will have a chance to go out for a treat to celebrate getting through the first week of school! Can't wait!

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