Saturday, August 28, 2010

Minus the Locker Room Drama

This week we had ourselves some P.E.  Since the weather is starting to cool off I've started taking the girls for rides in the wagon again.  I am so excited.  I just wish Clarksville had more sidewalks so we could venture out of our neighborhood.  I'm not too keen on pulling a plastic Radio Flyer on the shoulder of Madison Street. Anyway, Hannah can't seem to sit still anymore and would prefer to pull the wagon, walk beside me, or even run a little ahead which is what she did here.  I almost can't describe what she was doing as running--more like a gallop or a trot. She was sure red-faced by the time we got back to the house.  I ignored the girls' pleas for apple juice and quickly forced water on them.  I am such a horrible mom. ;)

On Friday we had first hand experience of the true freedom homeschooling brings.  We went to Nashville Shores for the day! A friend has a season pass and had some really awesome coupons.  Our family went with my brothers, my mom, Traci (our coupon liason ;D), my sister and her husband and my niece, Emma. We all had a great time and I am pleased that my (very fair-skinned) girls did not turn into lobsters by the end of the day.  They were a little pink, but that's to be expected.  Ryan went on the half-pipe and it was officially the most hilarious thing I ever saw in my life. I myself sure loved that wave pool, but I forgot how much that things wears a person out! I am a bit sorry I didn't take any pictures from the day, but Ryan and I took full advantage of my mom and had her watch the kids so we could go on some of the rides. :P  But the picture on the right is Autumn on the way home.  She had such a great time.

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