Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day!

Hannah's official "first day of school" pic
Today was our first official day of homeschool!! I've been so anxious and nervous all weekend, one would think I was getting ready to stand in front of 30 kindergarteners and teach rather than sit at the kitchen table with my own child.  We did one page from each of three subjects this morning--Geography, Motor/Thinking Skills, and Language.  All went smoothly.  For math and reading we waited for Autumn to go down for a nap since those two required more attention.  Thankfully right now math is a review of counting and numbers and then it moves on to addition/subtraction, money, and telling time.  Reading will definitely be the tough subject for us to get through, and we were both getting frustrated.  Reading was the first thing Hannah said she wanted to do, so I'm sure she was expecting something a bit easier.  I have only been reading to her since before she was mobile! I wasn't really sure what to expect myself.  This is just something we have to spend more time on each day.  At least we got through the lessons we were supposed to for the day.  Hate to get behind already! :)
We even did some art! :)

The whole day was kind of surreal.  Even though I know there are several homeschooling families in Clarksville, I felt like we were the only ones not out in the hussle and bussle of trying to get our kids to school on time. :P  We probably didn't even spend two hours on school work (which is fine for only being Kindergarten), but this is still going to be a whole new way of life.  Something definitely to get used to. I know over time we will get into a good flow. :)  When I made a run to the store, I passed by one of the 384575 elementary schools there are in this town.  There were miles of cars waiting to pick their kids up.  If Hannah was going to public school we were prefer to drive her rather than take the bus, so we would be right there with them.  I have to admit, it is really nice not to have to worry about that anymore!

Some outtakes from this morning when I was trying to get that perfectly adorable "first day" pic:

I guess Autumn wasn't feeling the homeschool love.

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Mrs. White said...

I loved reading about your excitement of a the first day homeschooling! Sounds wonderful!


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