Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quality Time

On Sunday night we attended the preschool open house at church so the kids could meet their new Sunday school teachers (the new year starts this coming Sunday!).  All their teachers seem perfectly wonderful. :) Autumn is in a completely different hallway than before, which my mom proclaimed she could not possibly be old enough for!  There aren't even any cribs in her classroom--so grown up.  Hannah is pretty much in the same place...right next door to her prior class. Mr. Leroy told her to be sure to come by and say hello when she walks by.
There was also a Bible ceremony for those kids entering and leaving Kindergarten.  Each child receive their very own Bible signed by the pastor.  It's the Adventure Bible, which I distinctly remember having when I was 11 (a different edition obviously).  I wonder if I still have it somewhere.  With the beginning of a new Sunday school (and regular school) year, I figure this would be a great time for us to start going to church on Wednesdays (starting tonight of course).  They have gobs of stuff for the kids to do, so I'm really excited. 

Last night we went to the dealership to pick up Ryan's truck from being fixed (thank you warranty! :D) and decided to stop at Cici's for dinner.  We decided that Autumn could not possibly be our child since she was pushing away the cinnamon rolls and apple pizza Ryan would offer her.  Crazy girl.

She preferred to stand up in the booth and say hi to the people behind us.  Hannah rode home with Ryan because she loves "Daddy's loud truck" and when we pulled up next to each other at a red light.  Ryan revved the engine like he wanted to race. What a goob. While I got ready to go to the gym a little while later, Ryan was gracious enough to bathe the kids and get them ready for bed.  He also makes story time more exciting than me, adding his own little tidbits here and there. I should have taken a video last night, but I'll have other opportunities no doubt.
He also tends to read with a lot of emotion.

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