Friday, August 6, 2010

It came!

The curriculum arrived last night!!! I am just so excited and ready to start! Well, not quite yet.  Monday will officially be the big day. Over the weekend I'm going to figure out a schedule of sorts.  I'm sure it will be bumpy the first few days, but in no time we'll be on a great routine. There is a set of four workbooks called Developing the Early Learner and it helps in developing thinking, visual, auditory, and motor skills.  I flipped through it and it had a lot of similar activities we have been doing over the summer! :D There is a science kit (which Ryan seemed more excited about! He proclaimed that he will be the science teacher!).  The math portion of the kit was back ordered, but it's on it's way.  I found a little beginning addition and subtraction workbook at the Dollar Tree that we've been doing to get a good start.  Even though this is only Kindergarten level stuff, math has never been my forte.  I'm hoping Hannah will have better ease with numbers than I did.

Can't wait to let everyone know about our first day! Here's to a good one!

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