Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week in Review #2

This isn't so much about our subjects covered (we pretty much did the same stuff :p), but just the in's and out's of the week. 

Monday - I took the girls to the park at the Riverwalk.  The weather was about 10 degrees cooler than it's normally been, but that didn't help by a whole lot.  We were there for only an hour and I had plenty of water on hand.  We were the only people at the park, which was surprising. I guess there will be moe once fall sets in.  I also informed Hannah that this was the place her daddy and I had our first date, a long time ago before she was born.  She seemed intrigued.

Tuesday - I have declared Tuesdays our library days.  Right before we were about to leave Autumn had a major meltdown that required an immediate nap.  Thank goodness Ryan was home, so Hannah and I went.  I found another line drawing book for her.  The temperature was still on the lower side for summer, so while I went to the gym Ryan took the girls for a ride in the wagon for the first time in a while.  When I came home, the three of them were cooling off in the sprinkler.

Wednesday - This particular day I was praising the Lord for the opportunity to homeschool!  Around 8 AM Hannah was starting to look a little glassy-eyed, so I sent her back to bed.  Of course she claimed to not be tired, but what did she do--sleep for almost 3 hours!  Obviously, this would not have been an option in a regular classroom and I would have had a horrid little girl coming home. This night we went to church, where I went to the homeschool group and Hannah went to TeamKid, where she learned about being kind and drew a picture of her sharing a ball with a friend in her class. :) Although I think this current silly band craze seems to be helping kids with sharing since they're literally a dime a dozen.  Once again, Autumn did not go to church with us because she was looking a bit sleepy and was not exactly being pleasant so I can only imagine how she would have been if I dropped her off in the church nursery (every Sunday morning is wailing to some extent).  So Autumn got to hang out with her daddy, and hopefully next week will be better.

Thursday - Hannah really wanted to play with her Inchimals, even though we haven't gotten to addition in her math workbook.  I figured why not. Homeschooling should also involve Hannah taking the reins sometimes.  We had such a great start to addition! Hannah loves animals of all kinds so maybe I should have done this from the very first day! :) Later in the day the girls got a treat by going to their Grendy's house and having pancakes for dinner.  The actual reason for their visit was so I could go to the gym (which I might add I ran 5 miles! Trying to train for the Clarksville half-marathon, but more on that later...).

Friday - We picked up Grammie (my grandma and, obviously, the girls' great-grandma) late in the morning to run some errands.  Grammie uses the store's motorized wheelchair when shopping, so I pushed Hannah and Autumn around the store in her manual wheelchair.  It was quite a sight.  I do wish I had a picture.  Afterward, we stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  Hannah was more interested in playing in the Play Place than eating, but no matter.  Hannah also stayed the night at Grammie's new apartment.  Turns out she stayed up until midnight and woke up around 6, so she was not the sweet girl I have come to know over the past 5 years.  Eh, it happens. When she stays the night with one of her grandparents, it's pretty much a guarantee she will be due for a good nap the next day.

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