Monday, March 7, 2011

Week in Review #21: Cranky McCrank

Monday - We finished school by 8:14 this morning.  I only know that because I happened to look at the clock when I went into the kitchen to get more coffee. We did reading, math review (which Hannah wanted to do a page more than I had planned...always a good thing!), and for geography we did the Africa GeoPuzzle.  We did the Africa workbook pages yesterday when she stayed home from church due to a fever.  Crazy girl.

Tuesday - Another successful school day! We went over  the Europe section in geography and the first thing it said was that Italy was the country shaped like a boot.  That's something no kid seems to forget!

Wednesday -  I started  having horrible tooth pain in a tooth that I know has been needing to get fixed.  Last week I started going to the UT School of Dentistry since we are currently lacking dental insurance.  So far I am quite impressed with the  service and the cost is a third of what it would be at a private practice.  The dental school offers emergency services so I went in this morning.  I got there at 8:30 and left around 11:30.  I initially expected to have a root canal, but the tooth was too far gone that I opted to have it extracted.

Don't let this sweet, happy
face fool you! I think this
was right before the odd
numbers fiasco.
Thursday - A very mellow day which I always welcome with open arms!  Well, Hannah is particularly cranky today.  I asked her to write out odd numbers as far as she could just to see how much she remembers, and you would think the sky is falling.    It's kind of hard to plan school for Autumn's age so a lot of learning is just through play (sometimes that's the best thing!) During Play-doh we unexpectedly went over shapes and she caught on pretty quick!

Autumn loves to make taking
her picture difficult!
Friday - Autumn loves playing the animals match game my mom got the girls.  Except she cheats and turns all the cards over and then matches them. :-p Hannah was a bit of a crank again, so I decided to make next week spring break. I think it's pretty good timing. We'll hang out at home, do crafts, and we might just wear out our zoo membership. :-D That is seriously the best $99 I could have ever spent!  Tonight I made it to thhe gym for the first time in over a week.  My mouth is healing great from my tooth being pulled, and I was in desperate need of pumping up some endorphins.  The girls hung out with Ryan at work and watched Veggie Tales on Netflix.  Happiness was all around!

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