Friday, March 25, 2011

Just some thoughts bouncing around...

A lot of thoughts have been going through my head in deciding about curriculum for next year.  It absolutely astounds me everything that is out there, even for 1st grade! Well, then again, a lot of companies have toddler curriculum packages! :) This school year isn't even over yet, but I'm going to try and do school year round.  Take a month off during the summer instead of three--that kind of thing.  We've taken so many breaks throughout the year anyway, so it would eventually add up to three months anyway! The plan is to finish Kindergarten by the end of May/beginning of June, take June off, and start 1st grade within the first week or two of July.  That's the plan, but that doesn't mean it will happen that way. LOL

Now as far as curriculum goes, here's what I have so far:

Exploring Creation Through Astronomy (haven't ordered yet but very much looking forward to it! Hannah asks different questions about the sun and moon so I thought this would be fun)

The only thing I'm still deciding on is what to do for reading.  I was thinking about using My Father's World, since the readers are all Bible stories.  What a great way it would be for Hannah to learn from God's Word and practice reading at the same time!  A big fear of all homeschool parents is coming to light...spending money on a curriculum that just is not going to work.  I guess I will poke around and look for a good deal somewhere.

I am unsure of anything else really.  I will not have a set curriculum for handwriting, per se.  Through looking at different materials at the convention earlier this month, I got a great idea.  I thought it might be fun for Hannah to make up her own stories, I could write what she says, and then she can copy it.  She can also draw a picture to go along.  I found writing pads just for that purpose at the Dollar Tree!  Love that place!

I guess with anything else I'll just go with what ever peaks Hannah's interest. :) Now for Autumn, I might consider getting her some of the toddler stuff from My Father's World.  They are various wooden toys where she learns shapes, sorting my colors, learning patterns, etc.  I'm looking forward to doing more structured activities with her, school wise.  Confessions of a Homeschooler has this awesome PreK curriculum, but I think it would be best to wait for the year after next. :)

Okay, veteran homeschoolers, what do you think? ;)

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