Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break (for real this time)

The girls with their new friends:
"Green Violet" and "Janie Singing Bear"
Here is a simple laundry list of all the happenings this week (keeping in mind that most of this we do during a normal week ;-D):

Build-A-Bear Workshop, lots of outside play, sticker crafts, glitter paint, riding bikes, drawing sharks and whales, building with jumbo legos, reading an unlimited amount of stories, library storytime, Wednesday night church, an impromptu mini unit on snakes (Hannah's idea), Easter bunny craft, lots of toddler radio on Pandora, the girls having the treat of watching Veggie Tales DVDs in my room so I can get housework done :-D, trip to the zoo, finding out how soap and water make bubbles, making a fort in the living room with a sheet, kitchen chair, and an enormous cardboard box, Hannah asking me how to say various words in Spanish (I knew "Dad" and "Mom", but she wanted to know how to say "grape juice" and "Kracker Bear".  I've heard about a very kid-friendly Spanish curriculum, so it's something I may look into).

I always forget how pleasant a break from school really is. Here's to a new week!
Entrance tunnel to the fort

Welcome to the lair!

I will leave you with a few items I picked up yesterday with coupons.  Ryan is getting tired of me getting him deodorant, but at least he'll never stink!

Gillette body wash
Gillette deodorant
Gain 80ct dryer sheets

Retail: 11.21 plus tax
Paid: 4.24 plus tax

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