Monday, March 21, 2011

Rules for the Zoo

1. Don't get all frustrated because your 38-seat tandem stroller has a hard time getting through an already crowded women's restroom. We're all in there for the same purpose and that's not to convenience you.

2. Even wannabe professional photographers should know how to read. There's a reason they say no flash photography in the nocturnal animals' habitat.

3.  Make plans to drive out of your way if you are planning to eat out (we enjoy eating at Cici's Pizza during our outings which is a bit out of the way but worth it to us).  Don't plan to eat in at the zoo. Not saying the food is bad, but you know you can spend so much less at a place where you actually know whether or not the food is good.

4. Tennis shoes are your friend--no flip flops or shoes with chunky soles (like what I wore today). You do a lot of walking. Kind of like a duh thing. :-p

5.  Wear your kids out something fierce! Wagons and strollers are awesome but get them to walk some of the time. You're almost guaranteed an afternoon nap.

More to come I'm sure...

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