Wednesday, March 2, 2011

International Polar Bear Day

Upon purchasing a family membership to the Memphis Zoo (yay!), I found out that they were having a small event for International Polar Bear Day with different booths set up by the polar bear's habitat, just learning about this wonderful creature and bringing awareness to the fact that they are slightly endangered. They also had real polar bear pelts--they were seriously from the head all the way down to their claws!  They were confiscated when they were brought in the country illegally by poachers.  I'm all about poaching them as well, but I digress.  They now use the pelts for awareness and educational purposes.  The girls were not scared at all! I was afraid Hannah would be sad, but she was just looking at the teeth and claws.  She was so into it! The polar bear was swimming laps and we were able to watch him (her?) through the glass.  I really think the four of us could have sat there all day! Aside from the beloved polars we saw the black bears (which we didn't see last time) and the pandas.  Last time the pandas were asleep but this time they were all wandering around and I even saw one of them sitting up eating bamboo! Cutest thing ever!

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