Friday, December 10, 2010

What a week!

We got our internet hooked up barely a half hour ago and here I am! LOL The kids are laying down so there's no better time! :-D

As I said in my previous post, the girls and I officially moved to Millington as of Monday, two weeks before we were originally planning to.  Now that we're here I'm really glad we didn't wait. I'm really enjoying our new house.  The kitchen has more cabinet space and we have hardwood floors!!! Only the bedrooms have carpets...that I can deal with! Ryan didn't have to go to work until Wednesday so we were able to take a couple days to explore and become familiar with the area.  Millington is a lot like Clarksville with a Navy base. :) Our house is a bit in the country so there are a lot of roads and turns to make before we hit a main road, but as of today I think I've got a pretty good handle on it.  GPS is my friend!

The kids have adjusted pretty well.  Hannah always seems excited for a new adventure, but she was none too thrilled when she realized her grandparents are more than 20 minutes away. At least we're only 3-4 hours away so we are all able to visit more often than when we lived in GA or KS.  Autumn is just going with the flow.  Thanksfully we've managed to get back into school with no problem.  Things felt so crazy for a few days that we took an unexpected break even though we just had a break for Thanksgiving!  The past two days Hannah has done a ton of math and geography so I don't think getting behind will be an issue.

This weekend we will be in Clarksville Sunday and Monday to pack up the very last of our stuff and get everything cleaned for our move out inspection, which isn't until December 27th.

I'll post pics later of the new house and a few of the kids from the week.

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