Monday, December 13, 2010

Computer Crashes = Uncool

Pictures from October and November have been wiped out due to my little laptop somehow obtaining a good number of viruses (despite having virus protection..NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT BUY MCAFEE EVER AGAIN! We had Kapersky before and never had any problems, but it's a bit expensive).  I am currently on the "big" laptop which is working just fine *knock wood*  I guess posting pics of the new house have fallen down on the priority list. :-p

Yesterday we went to Clarksville to get another load of our stuff from the house and do some cleaning. I am pleased to say we got a lot done, but we couldn't fit everything on to the little trailer we're borrowing.  Anything to save a buck! :) The girls were just bouncing off the walls! You would think they hadn't seen their gradnparents in months rather than a mere five days! We got back to Millington this afternoon and the house is pretty well a wreck from more stuff. It never fails to surprise me at the amount of stuff we accumulate.  We ended up with so much trash and stuff for Goodwill!

We will be back in Clarksville on Saturday to clean and get the last of everything and stay until Monday.  Then we will come back the following weekend for Christmas.  Somewhere in there we'll get some schooling done and finish getting the house together. Whew! Is this month over yet? :)

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