Friday, December 3, 2010


Aren't our kids' milestones amazing? You read a list of specific characteristics and you are pleased to check them off, one by one. They can be amazing, but also a bit intimidating if there is one or two on the list that have not yet come to pass.  I am happy to say that the girls are pretty well on target for their ages, and anything that is lacking will simply come within time. :)

2-year old

Point to an object that you name.

Recognize the names of familiar people, objects, and body parts.

Use short phrases and two- to four-word sentences. (one of her favorites is saying "in a bowl" when she wants a snack.  She also asks "what's that?" about everything!)

Follow simple instructions. (since she is 2 she is starting to become a little defiant and one my key instructions is "go play in the living room" especially if I'm doing something in the kitchen)

Repeat words she overhears.

Find an object even if you hide it under two or three blankets.

Sort objects by shape or color.

Play make-believe. (loves to pretend to feed and give her stuffed animals a drink from her sippy)

5-year old

Uses past, present, and future tenses accurately (needs occasional correction)

Recalls and can repeat a sentence of at least eight words

Talks in complex sentences that often run together

Shows more interest in peers and adults outside of the family (she is not shy at all, but we have had the stranger danger talk on more than one occasion.  I was telling the UPS man he had the wrong house and she said, "mama, you were talking to a stranger!")

Tests the limits of her independence — sometimes to the point of being rude (her mind has not totally developed a filter as to what is rude and what's not so there is a lot of discussion about what we can say aloud and what would hurt people's feelings)

Ties shoelaces

May show interest in taking a bath on her own

Makes her bed

The last three have just happened within the last few months.

Milestone lists courtesy of Baby Center

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