Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nighttime Chats

Sometimes if Hannah seems a bit bothered I will ask her if there's anything she wants to talk about.  If she's pretty adamant that there's nothing I just try to reiterate that if there's something wrong she can come to me or her daddy. Lately most nights when she's getting ready to go to bed she says she wants to talk.  Her topics of conversation are not what adults would consider serious.  The last thing she wanted to talk about was how she needs to go to the dentist next month and that she needs to be a big girl.  Obviously we talk about what ever is on her mind whether it's going to the dentist or "pandies". :)  These moments in the evening are so important to me, since I really want her to be able to come to us as she gets older and the "big" issues of life are plaguing her.  The key is to not be dismissive or else she will stop asking to talk. I am certainly doing nothing important enough to forgo a chance to talk to my daughter. Autumn is currently not interested in chating as she is asking for "joof" (juice) or her "bi-yet" (Violet, her favorite toy), but it won't be long!

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