Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and officially moved out!

I suppose I should do a mandatory Christmas post. :) We were out the door at 4 AM to make the drive to Clarksville.  When we got there, the younger two (Autumn and Emma) were excited to play with the new Power Wheels Beetles from Grendy and Papaw! Hannah really enjoyed it, too, so I have a somewhat not so great feeling she might get one for her birthday. :-p I suppose it's better than the two of them fighting over the thing. Every year we open presents starting with the youngest first...we don't rush to the tree like a bunch of psycho maniacs.  I like having Christmas morning be civilized. :)  Our Christmas meal was awesome as well which we grazed on throughout the weekend. Gotta love pumpkin pie for dinner!

Two days after Christmas we finally had our move out inspection for our house in Clarksville and I am just thrilled to have it done and over with. We're getting a good chunk of our deposit aside from what they automatically take out for carpet cleaning.  After going down to Clarksville the last three weekends, it certainly will be nice to just stick around here this week.

I took these pics from my brother's Facebook.  Surprisingly I took very little of my own pics.  These are in no particular order.

Water bottles are awesome!

Save some room for lunch, Autumn!


A bit excited over macaroni and cheese (it was homemade after all)

Pow-pow-power wheels!

I do not have a clue what I was doing or talking about!

This is Janie, my aunt's foster daughter.  She and Hannah
have become fast friends! :)

Bumblebee pillow pet!

Monkey pillow pet!

Unicorn and panda pillow pets!!

Don't let the sweet face fool you!

White Christmas...what a concept

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