Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had ourselves a little family Christmas this morning since we are making the 4-hour trip to Clarksville at dark thirty tomorrow.  It was so lovely. The first Christmas we were able to open presents at our own house around our own tree. Pretty crazy. The kids loved all their gifts and I am happy to say that what they got keeps them occupied for a hot minute. :) I think we all are big fans of the magnadoodle...we should go out and get three more! Hannah loves her puzzles and spirograph (I had one when I was little!). Between us and the grandparents, Autumn will be totally decked out in Dora!

When I was around high school-ish age, my mom would get my dad stuff like underwear and socks for Christmas and I found that almost appalling.  Now that I'm married I totally understand since that's what Ryan got for Christmas! Along with new pj pants and a super big to-go coffee cup.

Ryan was a good husband and got me what I asked for--Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson and Mad Men on DVD.  Just season one, but I'm sure I will shortly be collecting the rest.  need my Jon Hamm fix until season five begins. ;) I also got some candles and one of those many toiletry gift sets you see in every store.

We are very blessed indeed, but please remember the Reason for the season! :-D

Merry CHRISTmas!

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