Saturday, December 4, 2010

Emptier and Emptier

I dragged our mattress to the living room
so I could watch TV since Ryan took the
TV from our bedroom. The kids love it!
Since signing the lease to our new house Ryan has taken a truck load of stuff back with him each time he comes to visit for the weekend.  He's taken everything off the walls, the bookcase, entertainment center, our head and foot board, all but two pieces of the sectional, three kitchen chairs, the grill, and probably a lot more other things that I'm forgetting. :) He also setting up the house with what he has to so once the kids and I actually get down there there will be very little for us left to do. Hopefully I will like where Ryan put everything. :-p I think considering how hard he works I'll keep any criticisms to a bare minimum.

We are officially moving in about two weeks!  Originally we weren't planning on going until after Christmas but our move out inspection is the 27th.  Our whole marriage we've never had a Christmas morning at our own house! It's pretty crazy we'll have a chance to do it this year and at a new house no less.  So....we're going to have Christmas just the four of us in Millington, and then we'll drive back to Clarksville to be with our families.  We're also going to get a hotel since we need to stick around for the move out inspection. We just hope and pray with all this effort we get a good chunk of our security deposit back.  Fortunately Ryan is willing to fight to the death over it. LOL

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