Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week in Review #14

A drawing from this week-
our family watching the
sunset :)
Monday - We started our bear unit which was fun! She wanted to start with the brown bear so we went over some basic facts and she glue together the first page of her bear book.  We also watched some videos on YouTube of brown bears catching salmon. That afternoon we played in the snow, mostly throwing snow at each other.  Ryan tried to rig a sled using cardboard and lids to plastic totes, but to no avail.

Tuesday - Autumn started unofficially homeschooling, I guess you could say.  I printed out some alphabet coloring pages and she scribbles on them and I go over the letters.  Hannah started on her second level of readers! One was about a seal who speeds in a green jeep--obvious the 'ee' and 'ea' sounds.

"holding the book like a teacher"
Wednesday - This became "pandie" day! :) Hannah put together the panda page for her book and we watched some panda videos online. So many people love posting their home movies of pandas at the zoo, but I preferred a more documentary type. I need to figure out some bear crafts to help flesh out this unit, but otherwise it's really fun!

Watching brown bears
fish for salmon
Thursday - Today we are officially halfway done with math!! Very exciting.  Hannah was quite proud of herself. Her math has two workbooks, 80 lessons each and we finished book 1 today!
Off on an adventure!

Friday - Today was quite mellow.  Hannah did handwriting, math, and readiing while Ryan and I straightened up the house to prepare for a visit from my mom, my grandma, sister, and our nice, Emma. (I will be posting about that later! ;D)

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