Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memphis Zoo

 When we moved to Millington one thing we knew we wanted to eventually do was go to the Memphis Zoo because they have PANDAS! lol If you've been reading this blog for more than a minute you know that the panda is Hannah's absolute favorite animal.  We spontaneously decided to go today, and it was just so fun.  We hadn't had a nice outing like this in a long time. We learned about polar bears this week as a part of Hannah's bear unit, so it couldn't have been more perfect.  Of course a lot of exhibits were closed for the season but admission is half off for the month of January! :-D We didn't know that until we went to the ticket counter.

After a few hours at the zoo, we enjoyed an early at Los Margaritas, a Mexican restaurant that we've really come to like in Millington.

I got this at the gift shop! Love it!

Autumn is intrigued at the aquarium

Talking snakes and reptiles...notice how
I'm holding back :-p

Getting a lift up to see the grizzlies

Penguins...they were swimming fools!

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

The grizzlies were very mellow...I bet they
preferred to be hibernating. :-/

Both pandas were asleep in their day room.
Only the best accomodations! :)

He just kept pacing back and was
so cool how close up we got to see him!

Autumn's cousin LOL I say that in total
jest since my mom called Autumn her little
orangutan when she was born because of
her fuzzy red hair.

Bengal tiger

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