Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bringing Up Girls

Over the past year I've become quite interested in various parenting books, preferably from a Christian standpoint.  I asked Ryan for Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson for Christmas and it is so phenomenal. I am not at all a science person, but I really enjoyed reading the chapters talking about what happens in the female brain that makes us the way we are. I about laughed out loud when Dr. Dobson said that when the male brain is "bathed" in testosterone in the womb that the part of the brain dedicated to communication is disconnected. That's why so many wives complain  that their husbands don't talk to them! Ha! I think in Ryan's case they might  stayed connected and added a chatterbox mechanism, but I digress...

Anyone who has a daughter or is pregnant with a daughter needs to read this book!!! I felt so encouraged that just because the rest of the world is going you know where in a handbasket doesn't mean your family has to! I am also kind of intrigued to read Bringing Up Boys...just in case. ;) I will at least be picking up Dr. Dobson's other books.

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