Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our New School Room!

View from the couch
 Ryan and I talked about giving it another try having the girls share a room by getting bunk beds in a couple months.  We would then turn the other bedroom into a school room/office.  Ryan got a bit too excited while I was at the gym on Sunday. :-p I am pleased to say that the first and second night with the girls sharing the room was a great success! Of course Autumn going to bed before Hannah obviously helps.  It's only been two days since having an actual room for school, but it is so wonderful! Hannah sits at the desk doing her thing and I sit on the couch in the corner working on the next day's lesson or what ever else. Autumn also has the little table to sit at to play with stickers or color, so it's easier for her to be involved in all the excitement now.

The nerd in me is just imploding! :-D

On another note, I downloaded the coolest (free!) app on my iphone.  It turns pictures to black and white and then you color different parts of your choosing. It's called Color Blast.  So here are some examples of what I did.

Ryan loves me for this :p

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