Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shopping Trip 9/27

Wow, it has been too long. I've really been slacking in my couponing.  I cleaned out my binder yesterday and it was not pretty. Yesterday was the last day of the Buy 10 Save $5 sale at Kroger (the new ad here starts over on Wednesday as opposed to Sunday). The kids went to a friend's house (thank you Aprill!!!) so I was not distracted by them fighting over the steering wheel in those ridiculous carts with the cars attached (I'm sure I'm not the only parent who would welcome an armed robbery at that point.  Take me! Take me! :-p).

1-Digiorno pizza
1-California Pizza Kitchen
2-Yoplait Kids yogurt
1-Lucky Charms cereal bars
1-Starbucks VIA instant coffee
1-Fiber One brownies (these are awesome!)
2-Multigrain Cheerios
4-Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
1-Marcal Small Steps napkins
1- Reach Floss (FREE!)
1-Heinz Ketchup
1-Schick Mens' razors
1-Schick Quattro razors
2-Lady Speedstick deodorant
1- 3pack Horizon chocolate milk
1-Febreze Set and Refresh
2-Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles
3-bags of Fun Size candy bars (bought for the church's fall festival...I better take them tonight or they will be eaten! Just saying ;-D)

Retail: $98.02 +tax
Paid: $39.90 +tax
59% savings!

This  must be the high those selfish hoarders people on Extreme Couponing are talking about. I'm anxious to try that Starbucks...hope it's good. :)

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mmbear said...

Stopping by from the blog hop and noticed I was already following you thru GFC but not on Facebook or RSS Reader. So, today I followed on those two. I don't know what you are following but whatever you aren't following I would love to have you come back and follow what you can. Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend!



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