Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Autumn Chronology

Tomorrow as of 7:58 AM, my Autumn Bottom will be 3 years old!! I just can't believe it. That's how old Hannah was when Autumn was born!
In utero-26ish weeks

A couple days old...don't know why the
picture did that :(

7 chubby little fuzzy!!! I miss her fuzzy head! :)

1 year

18 months
2 years old, with her daddy (who will never be able to
deny that's his child! ;D)
3 years old...well, almost :)
Autumn, Autumn. She is such a hot mess, but I think that's what makes me a perfect fit for our family. :) And if you have not heard her bark like a puppy or all about her new "by-yet" (Violet), then you are seriously missing out!

Happy birthday Autumn! We love you!

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