Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall (Bucket List) Tree

I got this idea from Almost Unschoolers, but ours is is on a bit of a smaller scale. This one is about 2 feet tall and our list is a bit shorter.  The kids really had fun putting it together. Hannah helped me cut out the leaves and Autumn practiced her cutting on the scraps. Our list includes basics such as choosing costumes (done!), visiting a pumpkin patch, corn maze, the church's fall festival, etc. You need a  whopping four supplies: construction paper, Sharpie, scissors, and tape. I love projects that require nothing fancy.  It's especially fun to add in your  own personal fall celebration such as birthdays, etc. We have three birthdays (Emma, Autumn, and Grammie) and my anniversary. :) Do this with your kids and you'll be even more excited about fall!

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This is so cute! What a great idea. ~Julie


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