Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Heart and Mind 10 Years Later

I find myself deeply saddened, as if it the attacks just happened. While I was sad ten years ago, it's hitting me differently now.  I hear about all the children and spouses who lost someone in those vicious attacks while going about a normal day just like any other, and I think about us going through the motions of our routines only to have our lives absolutely halted.  I can't bear to imagine.

Ten years ago I was a sophomore in college and in biology class (a class which I later dropped) when the attacks actually occurred.  I did not hear about the attacks until I was driving home after class.  I was flipping through the radio stations trying to find some music, but it was all news. I figured it must be something pretty important so I listened, and that's how I found out.  I didn't know Ryan then (we met a year later), but he was in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  Of all places! His mom was losing her mind since she didn't know he was going to be immediately shipped somewhere.  I remember a rumor going around that they were going to start up the draft again and remember feeling relieved my brothers were only 13 at the time. Kinda silly, I guess. Ironically one of my brothers is now a soldier, training at Fort Sam Houston. 

We are a nation that needs Jesus, and all we can do is pray and share. I will never forget.

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