Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week in Review #19: Potty Animal

Monday - Ryan and the girls came back from Clarksville this afternoon.  They only went for a night, and I got a little break. So refreshing! They were all beat after getting back, so of course no school.  As for myself, I picked up a few groceries and relaxed at home.  Ryan thought I would go out and get a pedicure and whatever else, but I liked just enjoying being at home in the quiet!
At a rest stop on the way
back from Clarksville

Tuesday - Back to the grindstone. :) Well, a little bit.  The weather was so lovely that all four of us spent a majority of the morning outside.  We didn't start schoolwork until after 3, but we completed reading, math, and spelling.  I even managed to make it to the gym while Ryan took the girls for more outside play!
My mom made this hat! Give
her a holler if you want one!

Wednesday - Angry Birds continues to be the best incentive ever!! Before 8:30 we did reading, math, and geography.  We finished lesson 10 in reading, introduced subtraction (with great success thanks to Inchimals!), and talked about the different parts of North America. We're also trying to bite the bullet and have Autumn only wear underwear around the house to see if this potty mess will start to click. One day last week Ryan asked her if she had to use the potty and she said something along the lines of "It's okay. I have a diaper." This may take a while.  Today was also library storytime and church. I'm finally feeling like we're getting in a routine around here since moving. Feels wonderful!

Thursday - We were a bit more lax on the potty thing. :-/ I've never seen a child look like she's being tortured over this. Of course I've only had two children.  If anyone has any potty horror stories I would love to hear them so I could feel better. :-p Ryan commented today how Autumn's language skills are really coming along. It's like out of nowhere Autumn is speaking in longer sentences, and even my sister said something about that when the three of them were in Clarksville this past weekend. Hannah started lesson 11 in her reading book, which is 'y' ('yuh' and 'eye' sounds) and 'oo' (as in 'moon') plus the sight words 'do' and 'to'. 

Found this game for $3.50 at Walmart!
Supposed to help with spelling, but the
polar bear was the selling point! ;)
Despite the look of fear on her face,
Hannah has been a great
encouragement to Autumn
Friday - Autumn wore pajamas with multi-colored hearts last night, and this morning she started pointing out some of the colors. "Boo art, Mama!" (blue heart, for those without kids :-p) She sat on her potty again, but it seems like overall she's not completely ready.  I guess the best I can do is keep encouraging her and not get frustrated.  Hannah was 3 and a half before she was officially potty trained.  All will be well. Hannah did only reading and math today, which is fine since I like that to be the minimum we do. The only thing we had trouble with was her remembering the months of the year.  We went over the first 6 until she had them down pat, and then started on the second 6.  If anyone knows any tricks or songs give me a holler!

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