Monday, February 7, 2011

Week in Review #17

Monday - Today was full of crafts with painting and decorating popsicle frames.  Autumn opted to decorate her frames with stickers which was thrilling for me since that's the cleanest route. :) We also finished lesson 9 in The Reading Lesson! Lesson 10 with be 'er', 'ir', and 'ur' sounds (which are obviously the same :-p).

Tuesday - We went to the Children's Museum of Memphis, which was awesome! See my previous post about that! ;) For school work we started learning about counting by 2's. Looks like I'll be singing that around the house, like I did when we were doing 5's. LOL

Wednesday - We started lesson 10 in The Reading Lesson. Just as I figured Hannah caught on real quick. :) The girls and I also made it to church.  Autumn didn't make a fuss when I dropped her off which I am always thankful for!

Thursday - For geography we started the new section on the oceans and continents.  I really need to get Hannah a globe.  You would think that would have been one of first thing I bought before the school year started. We are just learning where to find the different oceans and continents on a map.  I reminded  Hannah that pandas are from Asia and polar bears live in Antarctica.  She is always excited to hear about that, so  that should be a good trigger to help her remember. :) Hannah went on some errands with Ryan, so Autumn and I went over the alphabet using her magnadoodle (money well spent I should say!).  She also kept asking me to write her name, so maybe before she even knows how to write it she'll know how to spell it. :-D

Friday - We had 60 degree weather a good bit last week and now it's in the 20s again. Very uncool indeed.  With the wind chill the news said it feels like 7 degrees outside. Today was an indoor day for sure!  We went over the four oceans in geography and counting by 2's in math.  Hannah noticed the pattern so hopefully it should catch on quick.  We also made valentines.  I cut out different sized hearts from construction paper and the girls put on stickers and glued on little pom poms. Easiest thing ever! Love it!

This week seemed to really fly by for me.  If I didn't write down everything we do on a daily basis I would think we didn't get anything done. Looking through Hannah's notebook I am pleasantly surprised to see we accomplished quite a bit. I use a composition notebook for each of the girls, and I write in what we did for the day even if it's just a craft or an outing.  In Autumn's I will put down we either went over letters or a particular developmental milestone she has reached. It'll be nice to look back on.

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