Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ultimate Couponing

I've used coupons for a few years when I would make a trip to the store every pay day, but I became inspired by the Ultimate Couponing special on TLC. I would looooove to eventually have a stockpile like what was shown, but I am not willing to go dumpster diving for discarded Sunday papers or sacrifice time with my family. I would mostly classify this as a hobby. I guess I'm doing a good thing when Ryan both makes fun of me and expresses his appreciation for saving a few bucks.

I know I shouldn't call myself an "ultimate" couponer, since while I save quite a bit I'm not paying $5 for $100 worth of groceries.  I've had savings of up to 50% on a few occasions. I do take the time to try and match my coupons with sales, which makes items very cheap or even free!  I kinda wish I had taken pictures of my purchases, but maybe I will remember to do so next time. ;)

I get my coupons both from the Sunday paper and online, mostly at Other sites I follow include The Coupon Consultant , Coupon Queen , and Money Saving Mom.  They all have Facebook pages which are great at posting about limited coupons and deals at different retailers. 

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