Monday, February 7, 2011

Children's Museum of Memphis

We made a trip to the Children's Museum of Memphis today. It was wonderful! Everything was interactive so the kids were allowed to touch everything.  They had an exhibit for all kinds of different things--automobiles, going to the dentist, police car, fire truck, and a disco room called Times Square just to name a few!   Ryan and I are hoping from what we saw that Autumn will not go anywhere near anyone's teeth!  In the disco room they were actually playing "Girl You Know It's True" by Milli Vanilli! Ryan and I danced like a couple of goofballs for a few seconds, and I think Hannah was officially embarrassed by us for the first time! Aw! They grow up so fast! :-p A special exhibit they had was The Wizard of Oz, which was based more on the books than the movie.  Hannah put on a flying monkey costume and "flew" around the room. There was even a little grocery store, and it was a miniaure version of Kroger! Adorable!  Some psycho 5th graders there on field trip were almost ruining it by playing Supermarket Sweep meets Nascar.  The highlight of our outing was kid's karaoke, which they have only a couple times a week.  Hannah sang the alphabet and then she wanted to do it again (they let everyone have two turns) so she sang Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Autumn tried to get on the stage to be a back up dancer, I guess. :) They had different costumes and accessories so Hannah chose a shark costume.  Saying Hannah is random does not even describe it! She just thrilled me to pieces! When I was her age I would have NEVER done that!  I have a video of it, but I need redownload iTunes so it will play. Hopefully the computer will be kind.

Dressed as a flying monkey in the
Wizard of Oz exhibit

Let's hope dentistry is not Autumn's calling

picking out produce at the mini Kroger :)

Hannah the Shark

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