Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Review #26: "Real" Books

Ryan took the girls to the zoo on Tuesday while I was stuck
at the dentist have a cavity filled...hooray for me. :P
Since Hannah is so far through her phonics book I figured she could handle some "real" books (such as Dr. Seuss).  Well, she actually took it upon herself one day during quiet time.  I give her all the credit! :)  At the beginning of this week she had already read "Go Dog Go!" and "Green Eggs and Ham".  Throughout the week she read "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" (definitely not my favorite Dr. Seuss, hopefully a lot of you can agree). I'm planning on incorporating more actual books for next year along with this thick phonics workbook called Reader Rabbit that's a lot of review and reinforcement of the phonics rules.

Autumn loves doing her puzzles during school time--or "puzz" as she calls them. :) As soon as she got up the other morning she asked, "do my puzz?" For next year I definitely need to get on the ball on more fun things for her during school time.

Speaking of next year, I have decided that no matter what our school year will end May 28th!! I'm sure we won't be done with the phonics book by then, but we should only have a few lessons left. I'm sure I can just roll that right over to first grade. :) Everything else should be no problem.  We will take June off and start first grade in July!!! I'm so excited!!!

I'd really like to do something special for Hannah for doing so well through the year and being that this was our first year homeschooling. Any ideas?

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