Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stores are catching on :P

Word around the couponing community is that Kroger is changing its coupon policy to where you can't "stack" coupons such as using both an ecoupon with a paper coupon. Boo! How do you think I have six boxes of cereal stacked in the cupboard plus all the mac and cheese and instant potatoes? It is in fact the truth since I was not able to use some of my coupons this morning when I went grocery shopping ($7.60 lost to be exact!), but some of them went through along with the ecoupon. Quite a little conundrum we have here. Moving on...

Despite recent changes, I think I did pretty good this morning when I did our "big" grocery shopping for the week.

6-Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers (Ryan had already taken one to work when I took the picture :-p)
2-Fleischmann's olive oil spead, 2-pack
1-dozen eggs, Kroger brand
1-Egg Beaters
1-Oscar Mayer Deli Select combo
2-Oscar Mayer Carving Board lunch meat
1-Formula 409 multi-purpose cleaner
1-Lysol bathroom cleaner
1-Fantastik multi-purpose cleaner

Retail: $52.70 +tax
Paid: $21.89 +tax

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