Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week in Review #25: Mundane is never a bad thing!

Aside from our adventure on Monday, the rest of the week was unexciting yet productive.  We did the normal things--church, library, school.  We officially started subtraction and it has gone wonderfully! Counting money is still bit of a sore spot, so we're just going slow with that.  Autumn loves working her ABC and number puzzles during school.  I try to make them specifically for school time, and I feel bad when she asks to play them ony other time. We need to get a few more of those things.  I wish Melissa and Doug stuff was a bit cheaper. We were just lucky to find these on clearance!

Early in the week we officially finished our bear unit and made a book of all the species of bears Hannah learned about. She was soooooo proud of it! :) The last section in her geography book is about animals of different continents, so I thought we could make similar books for each continent.

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