Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ryan's Dominant Personality Gene

Hannah sang VBS songs with the other 4 and 5-year olds at church this morning. She gets so into all the hand movements and dances (maybe I should say "interpretive movement"...we're Baptist...we don't dance. *snort*). Anyway, I can't get over how she is the total opposite of me as a 5-year old. Between songs she's spotted me, her daddy, and her Grendy in the congregation and she waves at us, giggling no doubt. I would not have done that. I would have looked very timid and been thinking, "OMG, my mom is looking at me and smiling. I am so mortified. I just want to die right now!" I know...kind of a crazy thing to think but I was (and still am) easily embarrassed over...well, pretty much anything. :P Hannah is just getting more like her daddy all the time. Ryan is very outgoing and...well, a bit neurotic (but in a sweet, charming way ;) ).

After church, Autumn comes into our room while I'm putting clothes away and throws a (dry) diaper at me and laughs. Hm. Ryan is practically rolling on the floor laughing and I play Responsible Parent and tell Autumn to pick it up and take back into the living room. I come out of the room and Autumn has reappeared. She found a skirt in her diaper bag and put it on as a hat (No pic, I'm sorry to say), and again thought she was the most hilarious thing. Again, Ryan's DNA overpowers mine. :)

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