Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Night at the Theater

Last night was date night, and my husband being as resourceful as he is bought us tickets to see a play at the Roxy! A wonderful change from seeing a movie that we probably wouldn't have liked (and probably a lot cheaper, too!). :P

The play was wonderful! The actress playing Belle sounded just like the one in the movie, speaking and singing...very impressive. :) What cracked me up the most was the young man playing Lefou (Gaston's little friend/lacky). I highly recommend going and even bring your kids with you. Tickets are not expensive. There was a great number of kids there last night (I'm not sure my own child would have sat still, but the kids there last night were very well-behaved).

After the play, Ryan and I made it over to TCBY. I gorged myself on a banana split while Ryan looked on, nursing a root beer float. Hey, it's frozen yogurt. It couldn't possibly be that bad for me, could it? ;)

Meanwhile, on the other side of town at Steak and Shake...

Autumn got herself hooked up, thanks to her Uncle Bobbo who has worked at Steak and Shake for the past three years or so. :) Autumn and Grendy had a big time getting ice cream and getting a new stuffed lion at Toys R Us (just what my girls need...another stuffed toy :p). Hannah was with her Papaw, no doubt playing computer games, eating fruit snacks, and watching The Polar Express and DVR'd episodes of Sponge Bob.
None of us could have asked for a better start to the weekend!

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