Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need a new roof? Call my husband!

Ryan's current position at Lowe's is seasonal, and it's looking like time is about up for him there.  We knew that the temporary position could turn into something more permanent, but Ryan is really not feeling like the retail world is for him (isn't that true for us all? :P).  He recently got offered a position with a roofing and siding company, which seems like something he would be good at doing.  This particular company is fixing the roof on our house, which how this offer came about. This is a commission-only job, but yet from what he tells me it's not like going door to door selling vacuum cleaners. :) Ryan is great at talking to people (which I am always in awe of since I am not), so I think he would be good at it.  Bless his heart, he wants so badly to find his niche in the civilian world.

Four years ago (during our first attempt at civlian life), he had a short-lived career selling cars.  He just didn't feel right selling brand spanking new cars to young soldiers who most likely could not afford them.  But plenty of people need new roofs, and somehow I don't see it ever being an impulse purchase. :)

Right now he is in Illinois with his new boss seeing about getting him into a used truck, since a 1997 BMW won't cut it hauling around a 20 ft ladder. :) His boss is from IL and has a family member willing to sell a truck cheap and blah blah Ryan went with him to drive this truck back.  He should be home late tonight/early tomorrow.

Of course, we are praying that this is meant to be and if not then we pray that the Lord will provide another job opportunity.  Ryan has applied to so many jobs online and through the local career center.  He's a hard worker, and I am not just being biased.  Something needs to be done, and he is all over it. 

So if you need a new roof, call Ryan for an estimate! ;D 931-494-3823

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