Saturday, October 10, 2009

No itch for us!

Ryan and I are not particularly interesting individuals but I like to think as a couple we're pretty alright. :) My mom once said that we are meant for each other because there's no one else that will put up with either one of us! On the 25th of this month we will celebrate 7 years of marriage and I am proud to say that neither one of us is itchy. (You know, 7-year itch, for those who weren't following) One thing that makes us a stronger couple all the time is making sure we look to God for whatever situations our family is going through. We both struggle of course, but we know if the good Lord can keep us married during the stuff we've been through then anything is possible!

Right now we are in the process of Ryan being medically retired from the Army due to injury to his back among other things. If the Army gives him at least 30% disability then we will retain all our medical benefits. Just this past week they came back saying they would only give 10%. We were both quite surprised by that, but Ryan has the option to appeal their decision. That's what will be going on next week--Ryan going all over post getting what he needs for this whole thing.

What are we going to do once the Army is behind us? Funny you should ask. Ryan is also towards the end of the application process for Savannah PD. He passed the background check which was the biggest thing we were worried about so now he's just waiting for word on when they want him to do the medical and psych evaluations. Hopefully if all goes well he will go to the academy in January. Being a police officer has always been a dream of his and I am so excited for him. Thinking about settling in Savannah just thrills me to pieces, but we are also trying to focus on the Lord's will for our lives. His will can seem to chance in an instant sometimes, so I don't want to say something will happen if it hasn't yet. Proverbs 27:1 says "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth." Plenty of times I think a day is going to go a certain way and then it takes a turn I would never expected (usually not in a good way). We just go day to day and that seems to be working fairly well.

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