Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Tests

Since we became parents we've had a bumblebee, a cheerleader, Uniqua from The Backyardigans, a ladybug, a cow, and this year we will have a kitty and an angel! We have performed the necessary costume tests to make sure everything will go accordingly.


Here is Hannah's make-up test. Ryan found some oil-based Army face paint which will work spendidly since it comes off to easy. Now we just need a black leotard to complete the look. :)


I went on faith alone when I ordered Autumn's costume from The size said "0-24 months." Hmmm... The dress fit perfectly!! She kept pulling at the wings but they are easily removed. I think considering how much cooler the weather has become we have other things to worry about!

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Grendy05 said...

I'm positive that the cutest Kitty and Angel in the whole state of Georgia live in Hinesville!!


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