Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Post!

I guess this would be post numero uno. I'm assuming if you have stumbled onto our little family blog you already know a little bit about us, but I'll fill in any holes you may have. I'll start off with the offspring since they tend to be more interesting than Ryan and myself. :)

The first of our spawn--Hannah--was born April 24, 2005, and we immediately knew she would be trouble since she gave me such a hard time insisted on staying in my womb to the point it was insisted she be surgically removed. She is a sweet girl, although I would bet my life that 4-year olds go through their own special form of puberty. She is obsessed with bears--stuffed bears, real bears, cartoon bears, any animal that looks similar to a bear. She loves the Snuggle Bear and the bears on the Charmin commericials. Her favorite toy bear is a big pink bear called Kracker Bear, only because he wears an Uncle Kracker t-shirt courtesy of my mom. My mom also makes sure everyone knows she is the one who purchased Kracker Bear. Hannah must sleep with him every night, no ifs ands or buts. She is also obsessed with Sponge Bob (has anyone but me noticed how gender neutral she is with what she attaches herself to?). For her 4th birthday she had a Sponge Bob party with Sponge Bob cake, and for presents she got a Sponge Bob bathing suit and a Sponge Bob bedding set. She also has two pairs of Sponge Bob shoes and two sets of Sponge Bob pajamas. Please tell me if you're tired of reading the words Sponge Bob. *insert Sponge Bob's crazy laugh here* Hannah also enjoys drawing the characters Plankton and Mr. Krabs, and she was thrilled to pieces when she learned her daddy's middle name is 'Patrick'.

Autumn was most definitely the missing piece to our foursome, and she joined us September 18, 2008--her wrinkled, chunky body as red as the sprout of hair on top of her head. With her red hair and big teeth, there is no doubt in our minds she was switched at the hospital. These days, having just turned a year old, she's a quick little mover. Not officially walking (just taking some steps here and there), she could probably outcrawl most her age. She loves her big sister and playing with any toys that are not meant for her (such as cell phones, remote controls, the lap top, and my unread magazines). Autumn loves going into Hannah's room, much to her chagrin, and playing with her bears. I have never been more thankful almost all of Hannah's toys are of a plushy material. Most of the time Hannah is very welcoming, but the rest of the time she's gets fairly annoyed. We are still trying to find a good balance since Hannah knows better than to be mean to her little sister, and that Autumn is still a baby and doesn't understand what's hers and what isn't.

And there's the first half of our family. Hope you enjoyed reading and that I'll have some entertaining and fun posts to come!

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