Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party Like a Panda...and Purge Toys Like Parents!

Hannah had a great weekend of panda cake, presents, and friends she has not seen in a long time. She kept saying to me that she "turned into 5", as if she has mutated into a totally different creature. In a sense, maybe she did. She is no longer considered a toddler (I actually haven't thought of her like in a while), but a school-age (would that be right, seasoned parents?). She got a lot of "big girl" toys as gifts, including Barbies, Littlest Pet Shops, and a new art easel from her Grammie and Tookie complete with markers and plenty of paper to color on. She pretty much got anything with tiny pieces her little sister can easily swallow. :P

Her daddy and I are in the midst of a toy purge to make room for her new stuff. We make that a mission after Christmas and birthdays to avoid being piled up with toys the girls never play with, although there are plenty of toys we are passing on to Autumn. When Hannah was about two, she had a lot of Little People sets including Noah's Ark, the Farm, and Zoo. Autumn has gone hog wild over them! Besides, I personally would not want to give those up because they are too cute! Even though we have enough of those Little People scattered on the floor for me to step on, I would still love to get Autumn any new set I see. I guess I will have to wait for her birthday in September. :) I can't help but already start thinking about a theme...

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