Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can't time just stop for a minute?

My oldest baby is 5 years old today (as of 3:34 AM..Oy, I was sleepy :P). Five! She is a half-decade old. That sounds a like a lot putting it that way. :) I remember my own 5th birthday, so it throws me for a loop that I am actually grown up now with children of my own! Hannah has been one of the biggest life changing blessings ever (along with me accepting the Lord as my Savior and getting married--those are pretty life changing, too ;D), and I almost can't remember my life was like before she was born. She is sweet, funny, and she calls everyone her friend even if she has not met them yet. She loves books, bears, dinosaurs, and my sparkly lip gloss. She loves watching Team Umizoomi and asks for Golden Grahams for breakfast almost every morning. Her favorite toy in the world is a big pink stuffed bear named Kracker Bear which must be in her bed every night.

Today we are having a party for Hannah's friends from school, and tomorrow we are having a party for family and close friends. The parties are a panda bear theme. Supplies for such a thing are scarce but I managed with making a bear cake and black, white, and pink decorations.

I wish I could post pictures from each birthday we have celebrated thus far, but we lost at least two years worth of pictures when our computer crashed a while back. I'm sure my mom has plenty of pics saved on her computer, but she's running the Music City Half Marathon today. I'm sure she couldn't be bothered with such thing right now. :) I can at least write out a chronology of what was going on in Hannah's life for the past five years.

2005 - Hannah Jo Caulfield was born weighing 7 lbs 13 oz, 20 inches. She was pretty from the start! Ryan was currently deployed to Iraq and was able to come home on R&R for her birth. He went back to Iraq when Hannah was 5 days old and came home when she was 9 months.

2006 - First birthday! We had a Strawberry Shortcake theme (which was also my first birthday!). Hannah was not one to truly enjoy her smash cake but it was a nice party nonetheless. Ryan ETSed out of the Army for a taste of civilian living. Long story short, civilian life did not pan out for us very well so we went back to active duty which suited everyone just fine.

2007 - By the 2nd birthday, we had just moved to Fort Riley, KS, after Ryan went back into the Army. We had not met many people so we just had a small celebration at home with cake and presents. This is right around the time a major obsession with the Backyardigans begins.

2008 - We are still living in KS for the 3rd birthday. I was currently about halfway through my pregnancy with Autumn, but at the time we didn't know if Hannah would have a little brother or sister. We have a party at our house with friends from church. We have, what else, a Backyardigans theme! Hannah cried when everyone sang happy birthday to her. She comes by it honestly unfortunately, since that's what I did when I was little as well. I have no idea why.

2009 - We are now living in Hinesville, GA, and family comes to see us for Hannah's 4th birthday. The theme is SpongeBob, which suits me fine since there are plenty of supplies at every local retailer! Hannah's "Unkie" was unable to attend because he was away at basic training and her "Tookie" could not come because she had just started a new job and couldn't take the time off. Even though we were disappointed not everyone could come we still had a great time since Hannah now has her little sister and little cousin to play with! Hannah still cried when we sang happy birthday, and my mom said she felt like she went back in time to 1985. Very funny.

2010 - I think by this year Hannah has gotten over crying being sung to. She had cupcakes with her class and she was excited telling me they sang happy birthday to her. I have high hopes. One thing that makes me sad about Hannah turning this age is that she no longer considered a toddler. She is slowly growing into the clothes in the "little girls" section, and she is asking for toys such as Barbies and play make up (much to her daddy's horror).

Time has gone by so quickly, and I sometimes feel like I can't keep up. I know I'm going to blink and she'll be 15, so I better enjoy it all before it's gone!

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