Friday, January 15, 2010

Proper Prep

When Hannah started Pre K last August I knew she would certainly learn a thing or two, but I definitely saw it as an opportunity to only have to worry about one child Monday through Friday, 7:45-2:15. I'm not gonna lie. I came later to find out that the curriculum put out through the state of Georgia (and the oh so generous lottery) is quite impressive, far more impressive than what I remember going through at that age. Hannah thrived in school, both socially and academically. Her teachers had nothing but good things to say about her, and she constantly talked about her many friends. One of my favorite moments was when Hannah came home from school reciting the months of the year while doing the Macarena. How's that for memorization!

I never realized the importance of preparation prior to Kindergarten! Since we moved to TN getting her back into school was definitely a priority! For all of our sanity! Hannah is less than amused by me and her daddy--it's either school or her grandparents. For the longest time she woud ask, "Are we going to see my new school?" whenever we got in the car to go anywhere. Thanks to a recommendation from an old friend from M.O.P.S., we found a school that both meets our budget and will prepare her academically. I also cannot get over how social she is! That is definitely a genetic gift from her father. When we visited her new school she was already asking other kids their names and if they wanted a hug! I was never like that at her age.

Hannah will have her (2nd) 1st day of Pre K on Tuesday and we are very excited to get her back into the swing of things!

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Grendy05 said...

She is so amusing! Remember her jumping up to shake hands with Bobby's brother when introductions were being made? Sweet,sweet girl!


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