Thursday, December 10, 2009

A chapter about to end and so another will begin...

Moving always seems to pounce on me like a rabid cat (like that analogy?), but it's always like that with the Army. You know you are getting orders, but when they do come they give you next to no time to pack and get out. It would be somewhat pleasant to have had a couple months to prepare, but what can you do.

The girls and I will be departing GA for good on December 19th and going back to Clarksville. We will be staying with my parents over Christmas. Unfortunately, Ryan cannot be with us for Christmas because he is not permitted leave since he is being medically retired from the Army. He will have 45 terminal leave which basically means he will receive a paycheck from the Army for that much longer even after he is done and gone. Ryan has told me to not worry because he can use the time to finish packing and getting our house ready for the move out inspection and hopefully we'll get a nice chunk of our security deposit back (fingers crossed!) We will just have to celebrate Christmas together a few days late. Or early. Haven't decided yet. :)

I will drive back down to GA on Dec. 29th to meet up with Ryan to help with moving all of our stuff to TN. I will be driving our truck while he drives the UHaul. :) I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it since it will be minus the children. Kind of like a weekend getaway but with a big truck full of furniture.

While we have made some new friends here, have a great church, and Hannah has wonderful teachers, we are all looking forward to being back in TN. God is good, all the time.

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